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Old 04-05-2006, 09:54 PM   #29
Bajamas's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2005
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"The entire purpose of me having guns on the Hard Knots was to prevent petty robbery, kill a shark that's tailing the boat, and lasty to be used as a signalling device as listed by the United Sates Coast Guard."

I'm curious, why would you shoot a shark tailing your boat? And, what's wrong with having flares? Sounds to me like your making excuses to carry a gun!


Goin' where the weather suits my clothes!
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Old 04-06-2006, 06:27 PM   #30
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Copied and pasted out of the web page:


Swiss K31 Ruben-Schmidt Rifle 7.5mm Swiss

160 Rounds of 7.5mm Swiss Ammunition

Hi Point .380 SemiAutomatic Pistol

100 Rounds of .380 Auto Ammunition

1 Face Mask

1 Snorkle

1 pair of US Diver Fins

1 Wetsuit

"As far as being more interested in firearms that seamanship, that's not true either.

I was irritated by the rust forming on the Swiss Rifle and I threw it overboard rather than maintain it in the San Pedro Channel,

and the pistol in the account was pawned for money to by two cans of topping paint and a new package of cotter pins and rings."

"I have traveled around the world and am from the United Kingdom and I've never had a real problem with guns,

as my father taught me to treat them like a tool. One that you use and handle carefully and responsibly,

much like a chainsaw or an electric drill".

I wonder where Your tools are now and what they look like!

"The ammunition was rare and expensive,

I had it with me because I didn't want to leave it at home and it could be used to barter or sell if I needed a quick 100 or something".

Would it not be better to sell it off for a better price at home and bring the money?

"The entire purpose of me having guns on the Hard Knots was to prevent petty robbery, kill a shark that's tailing the boat,

and lasty to be used as a signalling device as listed by the United Sates Coast Guard".

I do not think I would even considder try to 'signal' to the US Coas Guard with a .380 or a rifle!


"Now I know that everybody's going to chime in, but I think the golden rule is that you need to treat a firearm like a tool,

because just like the the powertools I mentioned earlier, they can be used to kill, or do useful work."

No doubt You are prepeared to go to the limit!

And to "Gone Troppo":

Nuts and bolts is no problem.

Nuts and guns?

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Old 04-06-2006, 09:13 PM   #31
Rear Admiral
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I always thought the "Golden Rule" was to "Treat Others as You like to be Treated".

Guns aside - I still think this guy is a Loose Canon. In his own writing - He rants on & on about those less fortunate than himself, publicly curses those who try to help him, boards a "drug addicts" boat without invitation to reclaim is property, gets run out of Catalina, he's extremely confrontational, needs lawyers, guns & money to maintain his credibility, blames others for most all of his problems and seems to require professional assistance to help him out of the hot water he often finds himself in.

It may be his karma... and there's little wonder why a guy like this gets himself into as much trouble as he writes about.

I just hope he doesn't hurt anybody when he marches ashore into a different culture, in a foreign land. A guy with his atitude could literally get butchered in a place like Papua New Guinea.

I wish him luck.

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Old 04-07-2006, 12:39 AM   #32
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I'm not as nice as I used to be, that is for sure, but I'm no loose cannon, as you put it.

As far as carrying guns at all I'm only going to make one more statement about it to those of you who have been brainwashed by your own medias and your protected ways of life. I have always said that I will promise to get rid of my gun the day my safety can be guarenteed 100 percent from the hands of criminals. In this world, the way it is today, it cannot be. In the eutopia of the future perhaps it will be, but we're not as civilized as we pretend to be. Outside our white-picket fenced neighbourhoods is an underworld of crime and corruption that doesn't follow the rules, and doesn't care that you are a good person in your heart. They just want you out of their way, and they'll kill you to for their own greed or evil in their heart. I'm not sure how much some of you have traveled. I grew up in the UK, moved to Australia, where I lived until I was 14, and then to America. I am now nearly 30. I have been to Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda (back in the 80's), and some of the worst spots in South Africa. I've seen men killed in broad daylight in Capetown. Neighbours here in Arizona, just three weeks ago (check the newslinks Tempe, Arizona) had a home invasion, where one of the robbers had a shotgun. Fortunatly the homeowner was armed and killed two of them, the other two fled, one was arrested, the last got away. I live in a good neighbourhood. It's not difficult to lookup crime statstics for this part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. People feel safe here for the most part, but it's when you let your guard down and think nothing can harm you is when something does. Other countries I have been to are Bahrain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, France, Andorra, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, and I am tired so I might have missed some that I've transited through, but my point is I have been around. Most of the time, while backpacking in Europe (obviously unarmed) I did not always feel safe, but I don't let the fear of the unknown stop me from going places. I can rely on my wit too, but it's not always enough.

The situation on Catalina, for your information, was blown way out of proportion because it's not a normal place. I never boarded anybody's vessel as was claimed on the day and time in question, and to prove that the Avalon Shoreboat captain wrote a letter and affidavit stating that since her boat was on the way, we just motored by it to see if she had it. It was well know that this person was insane, and only told the police this to bolster her credibility. She didn't realize that the shoreboat captain keeps a log of all of the passengers and that day was very slow and I was one of the few people riding. This is why I needed a lawyer, because a public defender would not have time or even care to investigate the matter and prove that I am not guilty of a crime, something I shouldn't even have to worry about in this country, but this was a tricky situation and it was worth the money I spent on a lawyer, believe me. Anyhow, the island has 4000 people all living within a half mile of each other in the one town, and it's a stagnent population and they need revenue, thus the kangaroo court. The Avalon police were also disolved or thrown out several years ago because of corruption and nepitism, and the L.A. County Sheriff's Avalon Station has unfortunatly become just as bad. The two newspapers on the island are threatned every time they write a negative story about them, and this is supposed to be America? I tell you, it's not a normal place. I also did not get "run off," although that's the second time someone has said that. I had planned to return to Arizona sometime in the summer anyway and resume driving, and it just so happened to be a fortnight earlier than expected. One other thing you all should know is that I have a tremendous responsibility to do something with my life before I suffer the fate my father's going through now (he's 60).. I will most likely suffer from muscular dystrophy like my father is now and has for the past 10 years, and my grandfather, who died of it in 83 when we were in London. As I said before, I'm nearly 30 now, I have 20 years left. People don't get retirement benifits in this country until they're 62, and we don't get months of vacation time either. People in this country are productive and that's what I am right now. Productive. I make enough to save for my next expedition and pay for a nurse to be with my father 24/7, as I promised him years ago he would not die in a nursing home. I don't put this in for sympathy at all. I tell you this because you have to have some idea of why I may seem to leave unprepared or not save adequatly. I am attempting to see the world and accomplish my goals before M/D begins affecting me (which is nearly certain it will) and I can no longer do anything except sit in a chair or lie in a bed and read and watch television. Currently my job is very demanding. I drive an 18 wheel flatbed semi-truck. I have a lot of peoples safety to think about while on the road, and the federal Department of Tranportation gives me a physical every two years, and some of it is psychological. I am subjected to random drug screens and idiotic drivers. I drive a truck because it lets me travel, I make good money, and I hate office jobs. So All you know about me is what I write, so I am telling you more about me. I wrote that account in haste. If I wanted to pretend the trip went well, and that I was a saint, Iwould have lied. I don't lie.

So what do you have to prove by lecturing me about carrying a gun or being a threat to society or anything else? Since all you know about me is from what I write, you obviously have to add up everything I write to form any kind of opinion. So far, I'm not impressed, as I know too many people who have been reading your posts, and think it's all balogney.. which is a meat by the way for those of you who don't have it.

Thank you for all of your constructive critisism, believe me, I take all of that very seriously, but ad hominym attacks on me will fall on deaf ears. Thanks.

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Old 04-07-2006, 04:06 AM   #33
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might as well forget it Robin- they aren't listening. All they can get around is-






here's what ya do- Make a post that says-

"yep- I was a dummy for having guns aboard and will NEVER have them again I appologise for even mentioning them or owning them."

Then the anti gun folks can smugly nod their heads and say -

"yup, yup, we were right"

Might as well- cause they aren't listening to anything you say OTHER than what you said about the guns- seems some folks just get fixated on that subject and get totally blind to all else.

People- Enough already- That horse has been flogged to death-


I'm done with this thread other than one question for you Robin-

You looking at the Sea of Cortez for a cruise?
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Old 04-07-2006, 08:53 AM   #34
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Originally Posted by name='Converted Post'
I'm done with this thread other than one question for you Robin-

You looking at the Sea of Cortez for a cruise?
thanks Chuck. Yes, but I'm not sure when, probably in the Summer, and only for a week. When I'm sure I'll order my charts from Wide World of Maps in Mesa, who has been my NIMA source on other trips.

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Old 04-07-2006, 11:49 PM   #35
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Posts: 41

For those of you thinking this has been one of he numerous anti gun discussions I have to disappoint you!

In fact I do have guns and even licence for hand gun! However I did not bring them along.

To quote Robin "You do not know me" it goes for most of us. The only way we may learn more about each other is through communicatin this way or other ways.

The some what 'sad' story about Robins cruising attempt is not unik in the crusing world, however most people does not build up such expectations as what Robin did through his previous postings. Quite some people have obviously followed his preparations and have been waiting for the report. When it finally came I think it must have come as a schock and perhaps disappointment to many.

It is a bit strange that not more of the previous posters have been active.

In my first posting a mentioned lack of focus and gave up the, to me, unnecceseary guns and ammo mainly as an example of over load.

I have gone through the web page with the story several times and even all the postings to try to find out the real reason

for the 'failed' attempt. To try to find out more about Robin, it was somewhat necceseary to keep him posting as each post seemed

to add bits to the pussle, a way to lear about Robin. I think you gave the last piece in Your last posting.

Ocen crossing is not a macho thing, it is most of all a challenge of the mind and your own ability to controle your thoghts and fears and stay focused on the task.

I do not think you are mentally prepeared at the moment for such a challenge. This is not an accusation, just a statement based on your story and postings.

Honestly I do not think you yourself even know what went wrong, or if you do, you refuse to accept the facts. I think the incident with the begger on the way had nothing to do with 'taking' your hard earned money, or lack of sleep, it just triggered some part of fear in your unconsiness about what was going to happend and you had no way out of it. All excuses about leaks etc in the boat I do not understand either as a reason to abandon this long planned event. Your inventory list indicates that you had enough onboard to almost build a new boat at sea! It is all a series of excuses to withdraw.

I do not even think you are a gun 'addict' in that case there would have been 1 gal of gun-oil in the inventory list and not a stain on your rifle!How bad was your knee hurt?

Not to bad or you would not have been driving a tourist bus, at least I do not hope so. I hold a licence for heavy veichle myself so I know what it is about.

I think it was mainly another excuse to get out of the situation as well as the whole Catalina incident.

You say yourself You will not put down your guns until You feel 100% secure, and that is an utopia. And I think that is the key answer: you do not trust yourself and your abilities to handle your mind and fears and uses the guns as an excuse. Read the postings again.

There are people that may carry guns at certen occaisons but never felt the need at sea simply because they feel safe. You do not seem to feel safe any where.

You may have made all the technical preperations according to expert advices and books, but did you ever check out what it takes out of the mind to perform such an expedition? Did you fully realise the stress that it may be being alone (forget the cat) for 25 days or more at sea? I do not think so, actually I think you were almost scared out of your mind when you realised it was no way back.

Before you do another attempt, I doubt you ever will, at least do some study about the affect that this kind of expedition may

have on the mind, and see if there are ways of testing out your ability to go through with it. You said your self that You can not allways rely on your witt. The mind is stronger

than any gun. It may not get you out of all situations, but for sure keep you clear of the most and handle much more than a gun. You have openly admitted the fear of Your security, I think the best way to start is to get some help with your fear.

I am sorry if you feel offended by this which has not been my intention. It is allways sad if someone fails in fullfilling a life dream. However nature sometimes puts limits on our abilities. Sometimes it may be helped, sometimes not. In this case it is mainly up to You.

If I knew what I would face when I started on my trip? No way, but I managed to stay in focus and controle my mind. The technical problems I encountered was in fact nothing compared to the mental challenge. Would I do it again? Time will show, no I and my family need a break.
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Old 04-08-2006, 04:16 AM   #36
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I took three weeks for the knee to heal and I still can't get up on my feet using my right knee as a result.

I don't think I was scared, I was being cautious when the boat started badly leaking..


I've not slept in 30 hours, I'm going to take a nap.. and maybe edit this response. ciao.
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Old 04-11-2006, 11:28 PM   #37
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No, I don't think that's it. I was being cautious and so I had to stop in Avalon to check to see why the vessel was leaking. I've sailed in 50 foot seas in the Molokai channel aboard my last sailboat, and wasn't afraid, or sea sick for that matter. Loneliness is one thing I do have a problem with, but I've felt it, and it does hurt for a while, but Lava is a tremendous help in that regard.

If you want to know why half my adventures fail, and you want to have it simplified, I'll tell you I am bad with sticking to a budget and financial planning, but these are skills which I am working on.


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