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Email received from Richard. Thank you.

Hello Bob,

The Thai people have been absolutely fantastic to the many surviving

tourists and also to the cruising fraternity. The King of Thailand had a special mention for sailors, being one himself, besides designing a very fast small yacht many years ago. You might like to post the following :


"His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej, whose grandson was among the thousands killed when massive tsunamis struck on Thailand's southern coastlines on Sunday, addressed the nation yesterday evening with a New Year's speech in which he praised the Thai public for their response to the tragedy.

In a speech made poignant by the tragic death of Khun Poom Jensen, His Majesty the King urged the public to help assist the survivors and engage in repair operations, while ensuring that such disaster did not happen again.

However, he also noted that the disaster had shown the kindness of the Thai people, and had demonstrated the unity of all Thais, whether soldiers, police officers or civilians.

As soon as the disaster struck, Thais were ready and willing to make sacrifices for those affected, irrespective of race or nationality.

"I want to stress to you all the thing that I said many years ago: that in our lives we cannot just have happiness, but that there is also constant suffering and danger which is difficult to avoid", he said.

"In the New Year, I urge all of you to help maintain unity and good will. These are the special characteristics that have enabled our nation to remain safe, and which help us all to live together…for as long as we preserve these characteristics, our nation will be secure".

Calling on "those sacred things which Thai people respect and believe in", His Majesty the King called for all his subjects to be free from suffering and danger over the coming year"


Richard Donaldson-Alves


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<font color="blue">THE "OTHER" SIDE from what we see on the TV news.

Phuket is ready and able to host (and needs) visitors.</font id="blue">

(Email received by Webmaster)

Hi Bob

'IMAGE Asia' is doing “positive PR” of the situation here in Phuket.

Grenville, the managing director, is writing text and providing photos to show that Phuket is still a “paradise” island and an idyllic place to vacation in.

Information, in addition to “happy” photos being taken of Phuket, are on http://www.image-asia.com. If you could pass this information around it would surely do a favour for the island and marine tourism.

Kind Regards,


Editor/Webmaster 'IMAGE Asia'
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Hi Bob

I attach a word doc. which I have extracted from a listing made up by the yacht "Brandamajo" today in Nai Harn Bay, South West Thailand where a miracle took place during the Tsunami - over a hundred yachts were anchored in Nai Harn Bay (which is west facing).Not one boat was damaged whilst the Tsunami went under the the yachts to attack the beach and buildings causing devastation.


Dear Richard

Fiona and William here on Brandamajo. We have compiled a list of boats that are anchored here in Nai Harn today 3rd January 2005, so hope it will help to allay any fears for those trying to find out about any of them.



Richard Donaldson-Alves


Mobile Maritime Net

South East Asian Waters

14,323 MHz 0025 Z daily

Wx @ 0055 Z daily

<font color="blue">Thank you "Brandamajo"</font id="blue">

The list contains yachts that are in the bay safe and sound today Monday 3 Jan 05.


















Corto M

Crimson Tide


Dream machine






Horn pipe


Kay sera


Layd May


Lighten Up


Master blaster


Mintaka II




Morroch 2



Ocean Pirate



Papillon 2

Pythias aura



Sabi Star


Scott free


Stolen Kiss




True blue I


Un jour


Ok, that seems to be the lot, hope I have all the names spelt corrrectly and it is of help to you. I am sure you are inundated with concerned emails and I would just like to say that you do a fabulous job on the radio Richard - it is very much appreciated and keep up the good work. Many thanks for all your help, advice, concern and effort. All the best for a safe and happy new year.


sv Brandamajo
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Dear Robert and Rosemary,

There are many of us here who were very glad to hear that you both are safe.

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<font color="blue">UPDATE from Rowdy.</font id="blue"> Thank you.

Hello everyone. I must apologize for not writing sooner, but things are still a bit hectic here. At this point I have 310 in my "in" box, 191 in my "sent", and these are all fairly new and mostly related to the disaster, and this is after deleting as much as I can as I work along. I must confess that some of the "in" box are from people asking for information the 2nd time, after I said that I would get back quickly, and for those I'm sorry. My laptop HD is dying - you have to tap the damn machine many times to get it to boot up, and it had my best address book, so I have been trying to transfer things to the PC. One nice thing is that people I had not heard from in years have suddenly re-appeared with new addresses.

One of the problems I have in trying to write a letter like this is that some of the recipients know the area well, may have lived hear for a year or so, and are curious about "their" favorite restaurant, and what happened to friends and boats. Other of you had not heard of Phuket until CNN started babbling on about it, and the only thing you know is that the spelling could have an interesting pronunciation!

For the 2nd bunch, let me give a bit of background. For the first, skim this, and know that when I am writing about things that *you* know about, that they will be mystified.

O K, to start with, Phuket is an island abut 30 miles long (basicly north south) and about 12 miles wide. The central spine is about 1500 feet high. It is attached to the mainland by two bridges, an old and a new, at the north tip. The old was closed, and I don't know if it is open or not. The airport can take a 747 in a pinch, though customs and immigration procedures go into a state of complete collapse. Most of the tourist development has taken place on the west coast of Phuket island (which is the name of the province also).

The two adjoining provinces are Phang Nga, to the north, and Krabi to the East. Both of these have seen major tourist development in the last 5 to 10 years. When CNN is talking about Phuket, they are talking about the whole area normally. Khao Lak is the coastal area on the west coast of Phang Nga about 50 miles north of Phuket, and the area where the heaviest damage and loss of life has taken place. Krabi has Phi Phi island, which was a major tourist site and looks like a bomb has hit it (a BIG bomb). The island is joined by a narrow low ismus between two very high areas, and the wave came into both the north and south bays and met at the center. At one point they were talking about 400 bodies being brought to Phuket , but there would have been many more casualties. Lots of people have been washed out to sea.

North of Phi Phi is the Relai beach area, which is where the photo from the NYTimes of "the Swedish Heroine" was taken. She is running toward the wave, and I am sure toward her child. Unblieveable as it seems, all the people in the photo survived. I will send the photo separately, as some people cannot download big stuff (and some people can't get BCCs, which is another thing that makes this letter hard) .

I will also send some unpublished photos from Pat (sy Beaujeu) of Patong the day after the wave, and some shots of the damage in Lankawi (which is 100 miles south in Malaysia) That is where most of the boat damage took place.

Going back to geography, and casualty figures, area east and south of Phi Phi is Ko Lanta, which has many new beach side resorts. I am not sure what happened, but it must have been pretty bad. Ko Racha Yai, just south of Phuket, was also pretty well wiped out.

Now, when I say that, you must remember that all of this damage and loss of life took place within 50 to 500 yards of the beach. In Phuket town you would not have known that anything happened. The garbage trucks are still collecting garbage, the buses run, the restaurants are open, life is perfectly normal. In my first letter I mentioned the luxury Boat House Resort where the water came though the hotel with about a 4 feet high wave, left a bunch of trash on the street, but the restaurants on the other side of the street were untouched (being slightly on a hill) and doing business as usual.

On Phuket island proper, all of the west coast suffered extensive damage, but (once again) if you were back from the beach nothing happened. I am reminded of the old story about the little boy who was taken to the hospital with a sore throat, and the doctor said, "you have a mild infection, I will give you some pills and you should be fine in two days. You are a lucky little boy, in the next room is a little boy with toncillitus who will have to stay in the hospital and have his tonsils out tomorrow". As they were driving home his father asked if he had learned anything at the hospital. He thought for a moment and said "it is very important to be in the right room".

The east coast got a rise, but not really a wave. I was told that there were some longtails (boats, if you don't know) up in the trees where the road passes the klong at the head of Ao Chalong Bay. Gordon's 20 foot boat ended up in a restaurant, but was the only casualty in Chalong. Kan Eng 1 & 2 had water in their parking lots, but Par Lai restaurant was apparently badly damaged and is being rebuilt. The shape of the bottom seems to have been a big factor in how big the wave was, and how steep. None of the 100 boats at Nai Harn were damaged, though the restaurants on the shore were destroyed. Ao Sane Restaurant disappeared, but the yacht community pitched in and rebuilt it. I heard there were two architects on boats in the bay who drew up plans, but by they time they brought them ashore, the building was already up! They had had the 200 people at the Christmas party just before the wave, and the cash box was still in the restarunt. Ouch--insult to injury.

The most heavily damaged areas were Patong and Kamala. I guess the shape of the bays, and bottom gave a really big wave. Much of the damage in Patong has been hauled away, and rebuilding is proceeding quickly. Kamala is going much more slowly. I saw Harry Usher at Robinsons and he said their house on the beach was totally gone, computer and back up gone, office and office computers gone, but they were fine and the new truck was ok. He had managed to get to the boat and went to sea, and stayed out till the next day.

There are stories so sad that it makes you want to cry, like the one of the couple with the infant baby who were walking on Patong beach and hit by the wave. He managed to hold onto the baby through the whole wave, but then found that he just had a bag of clothes. The baby was not found. Damian was washed into the basement parking lot in the Patong shopping mall with a badly injured arm and swam for 5 hours with 1 foot clearance to the ceiling, among the bodies, unable to get out. They finally got the survivors out. And then there was the Brit flag French skippered large catamaran in the Similian islands that people were concerned about, who didn't even know that anything had happened for 4 days! I guess if you want to get away from it all , sailing is a way to do it...

The heaviest loss of life has taken place 50 miles north of Phuket at Khao Lak. That area still has many many bodies and many many missing. The Thai/tourist casualty ratio seems to be about 50 50. Except for relief work, people are advised to avoid the area.

The latest casualty report I have seen is 31 December

6 provinces 4510 dead, 9849 injured, 6475 missing

Phang Nga 3689 1272 2123

Phuket 279

Krabi 367 2649 1913

I realize that the numbers don't add up. Obviously, most of the missing are dead and will never be found. the dead are the recovered bodies.

Now, looking on the brighter side. The local and national government seem to have done an excellent job. Some things didn't work as well as they might have, of course. but all in all, very well done. When I went to the government hospital to give some clothes and volunteer to help with communications, I decided that they really didn't need me. They had big tables set up with translators under signs, banks of computers for email, phone lines set up, evac flights to Bangkok and on to wherever home was. The foreign embassys had representives down here promptly, though I must say, the US embassy was conspicous by its absence. When they finally got a woman here, some friends of mine tried to register (they had incorrectly been on a missing list) and she said "well, what do you want to do?" When they repeated "register", she tore a sheet from a steno pad and gave it to them. My god, the *Mexicans* were set up with their laptop on line! Also, 5 days after the tsunami, the embassy put out a warning about traveling to southern Thailand. They obviously don't have a clue about the situation. The warning was totally unnecessary, but I suppose that there is a feeling that "well, we had better do something". A major effort is being made to build the number of tourists back up, and that certainly doesn't help. As I said, very much of the area is just fine. An interesting site has been written up with news about the various hotels and beaches http://www.image-asia.com/

Most of the yacht damage took place in Langkawi (Malaysia 100 miles south), as I said. Two marinas were totally destroyed with major damage to the boats in them. A few individual comments:

Beryl (Don Rider's widow) is fine, but would like to sell the boat and move to Phuket.

Michelle, (sy Simpatico) is OK, missing daughter found, but house, computer, and boat all gone.

Tri Odyssey upside down.

Hans Tumblehome on beach at ranger station at Terratao, 10 cm hole in boat (that should baffle you americans) but well above high water line. Rumor that he wanted to sell it, but maybe just having a bad hair day.

The best site for boat news is http://www.cruiserlog.com A great deal of information has been posted there. Richard has been doing an outstanding job of trying to compile information and answer the hundreds of requests.

<font color="blue">APPEAL</font id="blue">

OK, Pitch time. My friend Jill on Saipan asked early on about how to send donations without the administrative costs taking a large chunk of the donation. Jim on "Beaujeu" suggested the Phuket Womens Club, but they are strictly education, and the Rotary was suggested. My good friend of 20 years, Neil Cumming, is immediate past president of the Patong Rotary, and said that they could certainly put the money to good use. He is a Scot, so I can guarantee that it will not be wasted! The problem with sending a check here is two weeks in the mail, six weeks for the bank to clear, and probably 15% charges by the bank. I came up with the idea of my old friend Dale Flowers in Denver, a very active Rotarian, and after finding all the people who had to approve things who were on holiday, it is finally set up. A check can be sent to Dale Flowers, it will go in the bank in Denver and clear within a couple of days, and the money can be wired to the Patong Rotary Club here in bulk. Since it is a US charitable org, the donations are Tax Deductible. Many businesses will double or triple donations, especially for this purpose, so check with who you get your paycheck from. If you would rather do it direct, the bank account will be listed below, but check the tax deductablity is ok if it is important.

The nice thing about using the local Rotary, is they know the area, and what is needed and how best to handle the problems. It won't be a situation of "it's raining in Sri Lanka, they must need raincoats". It won't rain here till May! They already do a lot of school work, so this will continue and they will try to improve rather than just replace. They have had an orphanage already set up, but it will sadly be much busier now. The National government is prepared to make grants to people who have lost everything, but only if they stay on their property. Makes sense, because the entire country would be making a claim, but it is very hard to stay on your property if it is only a concrete slab. They are trying to get the basics of survival to people - even if only a clay pot barbecue and beach umbrella - for the moment.

The money will not be restricted to Phuket, but sent to where ever in the area it is needed most. I realize that the devastation in Sumatra or the Andamans may be greater than here, but there is really no infrastructure to handle donations in those areas - it is probably best left to the governments involved. I doubt that even the Red Cross , and Medicins sans Frontiers type organizations can do much there.

Wow I haven't written so much since term paper days. I will run spell check (that will take an hour) and tack on the information about where to send donations. This is a worthy one folks, the Thais have been doing a great job themselves, but I really think that this can help people who are falling through the cracks.

Anybody who wants more information about anything (my, don't I sound smart) feel free to write, and if I don't answer, write again.

All the best for 2005

C. R. (Rowdy) Taliaferro

************************************************** **

Good to talk with you last nite. Just talked with Littleton Rotary Foundation president and he says go ahead so have folks make checks out to Littleton Rotary Foundation at my address. I will take it from there.

C. Dale Flowers

Flowers & Associates, Inc.

7255 S. Sundown Circle

Littleton, CO 80120-4284


Fax 303-347-2151

Cell 303-898-9902

************************************************** **

Dear Sam,

Can you send a letter to Dale asking for funds? They are keen to help. Something along the lines of the donations page on phuket.com below and at http://phuket.com/donations.htm

The Rotary Club of Patong Beach, Phuket's only English speaking Rotary Club, was immediately on the ground, actively helping with disaster relief. Initial emergency needs were funded from existing funds, topped up with members' and friends' donations. Hundreds of local people, in Phuket and Khao Lak have already been helped to overcome the initial effects. However, much more needs to be done on a longer term basis for families and children affected by the floods. The club is actively seeking funds to help rebuild homes and schools in those small villages and communities that were devastated. All funds will be applied directly to re-construction efforts, contracted for and supervised by Rotary members with appropriate expertise. All contributions will be acknowledged with appropriate credit given on each project.

Details of Rotary account are as follows:

Rotary Club of Patong Beach:

Bangkok Bank, Patong branch, Phuket.

Account name: Rotary Club of Patong Beach;

Account number: 563-0-316460;

Swift code: BKKBTHBK.

Pleas Fax us your Payment Slip for acknowledgement with name and contact details: +66 76 222196 (Ref: Tsunami Relief) or E-mail our Club's Treasurer, treasurer@rotarypatong.org

Many thanks Sam,

Yours in Rotary,


----- Original Message ----- From: "C. R. Taliaferro"

To: "Neil Cumming - Asia Web Direct" ; "C. Dale Flowers"

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 12:49 AM

Subject: [Fwd: Re: donations]

Hi Neil:

here is the letter from Dale requesting an "official" request. The 501 (3c) is exactly what we want for the doners so please take care of this. A shame that we are 12 hours out of sync! Dale, thanks so much for the efforts on your end.


-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: donations

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 06:03:52 -0700

From: Mr. C. Dale Flowers

To: rowdy

Sorry for the delay but the whole world around here is out of town through yesterday. Will finalize things this morning I believe but still need email from the Patong Beach Rotary Club "officially" requesting funds to be transferred to their account. Would be best if it came from the current president whose name could be cross referenced in the Rotary International officials list. Think we can do this with the Littleton Rotary Foundation which is a 501(3 c which means that contributions are deductible. Checks could be sent directly to me and I'll shepherd them through the process and get the money transferred to the Patong Beach Club just as soon as I get the confirmation email.

Can't accept any email till I give you the go ahead later today.


************************************************** ******************
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<font color="blue">Kindly submitted by Richard Donaldson-Alves.</font id="blue"> Thank you.

Dear Bob,

Here is the account I promised you . It was written by a colleague and friend of mine - Dr. George Latham - S/Y Winddancer. George is a specialist in Tropical Diseases. He relates what happened on Boxing Day morning whilst at anchor in the once beautiful bay of Phi Phi Don island to the east of Phuket . An account where his grandson, visiting from Canada nearly lost his life , where George and Ellen nearly lost their lives (and Winddancer) had they not been able to start their engine. George is now on his way to Aceh Province - Sumatra to really help those that also need his skills.

************************************************** *************

<font color="red">PLEASE NOTE COPYRIGHT</font id="red">

© Hello Friends and Relatives.

© This is just a note to let you know that George, Ellen, our grandson, Jordan and our friend, Jeff Staley (and our sailboat WindDancer) are now

in Langkawi, Malaysia and are all safe after having gone through the Tsunami at Phi Phi Don Island on the west coast of Thailand.

We were at Phi Phi Island when the Tsunami hit, our 16 year old grandson Jordan was on the beach and George,Jeff and I were in the boat at anchor. A bit of our story:

We first nearly lost the boat and ourselves in the incoming torrent surge, but finally got the anchor up and headed for deep water; Jordan was standing on the beach watching the tide get very low, then started running as he and others realised that the incoming tide was getting too high. He was tossed around, cut, and dunked and finally floated and was able to crawl through an upper story of one of 3 hotels left standing on the island were he joined other young tourists from Europe in saving and helping those less injured;

We kept the boat circling in the bay, but had no idea of the devastation on shore, George took our dinghy over to help an injured yachtie on another boat, then headed into shore to find Jordan, all the time while repeated new warnings were coming in for further tsunami waves;

George radioed us from shore and said that he had never seen such devastation. He later admitted that he did not think Jordan could have survived the tsunami if he was in town, which we believed he had been. As George began looking for Jordan, he also began to try to help the many severly injured people. He then radioed us and told us to reanchor the boat in the bay, put out a "pan pan" on the VHF radio for medical help for supplies and any doctors/yachties who felt they could join us on shore. To quote George: "We cannot leave these people, we have to help, bring all the medical supplies, bandages, clean towels, be ready to stay". Jeff and I understood that this meant that we might lose WindDancer to another wave surge, but that George's choice was clear.

Just as another yacht brought by Sloan, a 2nd year medical student to join us, and take us to shore, George radioed that he had found Jordan and that although beat up, Jordan was running food and water up to surviving people who had fled to high ground. 5 hours had now elapsed since we the initial blast of the Tsunami.

As our dinghy neared shore, the water started rushing out again, we jumped into the water and rushed to shore, fearing another Tsunami, now seeing the bomb site that the island had become. Nothing left standing save parts of 3 hotels. Sheet metal, rocks, trees, concrete slabs, septic tanks, clothing, shoes, cameras, boats, swim fins, cameras, backpacks, sand, coral tossed violently together in chaos. How could anyone survive this?

Throughout the night we worked as medical teams with George being one of only 2 doctors for thousands of injured and nearly dead. Sloan and Jeff were amazing and were the New Zealanders, Shelley and Murray that I worked with. Jordan showed stamina and compassion beyond belief and his years. The injuries were brutal rips, slashes, broken tangled bodies and of course the dead laid out with sheets respectfully covering them if they were fortunate enough to have been found. Med evac helicopters started to come in by late evening and makeshift strechers with swimsuit wearing carriers started the long slog across the tangled scene to the chopper area. The night just went on and on, over jungle paths, and debris, being guided by Thais to places where severely injured people were hoping for a doctor. It was strictly war zone medicine, flooding gashes with alcohol, iodine, using the antiobiotics/dressings from the boats as nothing else was available, applying gauze pads, wrapping, taping, George prioritising who would be lifted out by chopper that night.

Many more images, much more to the night, endless night. Dive boats returning, people leaving the island by boat, people crying out for missing children, husbands, friends, fires burning to guide the choppers in, full moon to take away some of the terror of darkness, and finally a few hours of sleep when too exhausted to do anymore. Where did we sleep, George and Jeff on an empty floor with a dirty piece of plastic over them, Jordan and I in an exclusive Hotel on the 3rd floor. The hotel doors bashed in to have a place for the injured, a place to find water any food, some clothing. Is this looting? No, not to me. The pain of never knowing what happened to the Japanese couple from room 1246 in the Cabana Hotel, who gave us so much so that we could help others.

Finally by noon the next day, the Thai nurses, special forces, medics had arrived with meds, food, water and we realised that by early afternoon we could return to WindDancer and start our life again. Our dinghy was still near shore and WindDancer was still in the bay. Our dinghy anchor was gone, borrowed by locals to use as a weight for a burial at sea. We all gave, took, helped, and were lucky if we were among the surviving.

© George Latham/Ellen McNeil/Jordan Bilyeu/Jeff Staley

************************************************** ******************



Richard Donaldson-Alves


Mobile Maritime Net

South East Asian Waters

14,323 MHz 0025 Z daily

Wx @ 0055 Z daily
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<font color="blue">Submitted by Rowdy.</font id="blue"> Thank you.

These AMAZING photos show better than any T.V. footage available just how powerful the Asia Tsunami was.


<font color="blue">UPDATE:</font id="blue"> <font color="red">These photos have since been proved NOT to be of the Asia Tsunami '04.</font id="red">
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sv SIMPATICO Michelle Pippen

<font color="blue">Submitted by Lorraine</font id="blue"> Thank you.

Hello admin

If anyone is in contact with Michele Pippen - sv Simpatico - tell her Lorraine and other mates back in Australia are so relieved to read that she is physically OK. So sad "Simpatico" has gone down, her home, her belongings, all gone but it appears her family are safe and that is all that really matters, everything else can be replaced one way or another.

Tell her that if she, or all of them, want some respite in Australia, our new home in Queensland can accommodate them all - and all are welcome. If she needs financial help ring us 07 55224902 and we'll do what we can.

Incredible woman!! Someone put your arms around her because this is a tough call and she will be so busy helping others she'll forget to take care of herself.
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Send a message via MSN to dnelson

I was speaking to Michele on Wednesday. She is doing remarkably well. Sympatico is not a complete loss. Michele is working on getting her raised. She then plans to put Sympatico on the hard in Rebak where she has a glass man ready to fix Sympatico up.

In the meantime Michele is comitted to using her nursing skills on an aid mission into Sumatra.
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More PHOTOS and first-hand report from a yacht that was at Phi Phi when the wave struck:

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I am writing from Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket, Thailand to inform all that the marina and all guests within the marina sustained ZERO damage. We are lucky in that the design of the marina allows free flow, hence there was no "cul de sac" to try and block a wave or surge.

Thanks, beyond words, go to a friend who called from Patong to say "all the water has gone". We then heard him being hit by the wave - he somehow survived. This gave us time to call all Superyacht Captains based in the marina who turned on engines of thier vessels and put lines around piles. There was about a 20 minute time difference from Patong.

A huge surge came through at about 10 knots, leaving beam on boats at 40% angles to the docks. Within 1/2 an hour the water level had gone from that of a very high spring to a very low spring tide. The remainder of the day saw chaotic tides and currents.

2 fish farms broke loose and threatend to drag through the anchorage, tangling in 2 small boats. We went with a tender and secured the mess with anchors. No real damage was done to the small boats.

Our hearts go out to all those who lost so very much, especially when we were so incredibly fortunate at Yacht Haven and we are trying, in our small way, to help as much as we can.

Now it is so important to concentrate on tomorrow and not allow the disaster to create further disaster in the collapse of the Phuket tourism.

The beaches are clear and the wiped out places rebuilding, they need our support and we sincerely hope everyone who is able will help, simply by going to the beach restauarnts, buying at the stores thus contributing to the local economy.
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Hoping to post my story and the fate of Simpatico soon... I have so much to do, work and personal, and another trip to Aceh soon.

I thank all who have shown such concern and kind thoughts.

Someone posted that Simpatico could be salvaged. I WISH!

Though I had optimistic hope that would have been the case after such long and tedious effort was made diving on her and releasing her from the shackles of miles of fishing nets, anchor chains, harbour marker beacon chain and mooring and loads of other debris and destruction.

Her remains are in two pieces at Telaga Harbour and she is beyond repair.

I am still here, and I am going to pick up my pieces and will continue on with more strength and determination than ever!

Kiss and cuddle to all who genuinely care and really know me!



Originally Posted by name='Converted Post'
Originally posted by admin

sv SIMPATICO Michelle Pippen

<font color="blue">Submitted by Lorraine</font id="blue"> Thank you.

Hello admin

If anyone is in contact with Michele Pippen - sv Simpatico - tell her Lorraine and other mates back in Australia are so relieved to read that she is physically OK. So sad "Simpatico" has gone down, her home, her belongings, all gone but it appears her family are safe and that is all that really matters, everything else can be replaced one way or another.

Tell her that if she, or all of them, want some respite in Australia, our new home in Queensland can accommodate them all - and all are welcome. If she needs financial help ring us 07 55224902 and we'll do what we can.

Incredible woman!! Someone put your arms around her because this is a tough call and she will be so busy helping others she'll forget to take care of herself.
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My son and family just returned from a week in Phuket . He said there is not a lot of evidence of the Tsunami,other than the obvious lack of tourists. Cafes are almost empty or if not ,only have one or two clients. The street " salesmen" are a problem, so few tourists which means their income from sales is down , they are doing it hard.

Thailand is enjoying a lot of Muslim tourists from the Middle East,as Europe is not all that welcoming to them, so that at least is a new source of income.Lets hope tourism and yachties going to the Kings Cup this year , pick up.

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Phuket really didn't get hit as hard as Khao Lok, or Phi Phi, but it certainly got hit with the drop in tourism. Kata, Karon, and Patong beaches are empty. (Did see more muslims - couldn't understand why they wouldn't go to muslim Langkawi instead, where their beliefs are more likely to be catered to.) Phi Phi on the other hand is packed - primarily with volunteers helping to rebuild. That plus the loss of about 1/3 of the housing on the island has made it hard to even find a bungalow for rent these days. In Khao Lok they are making good progress in rebuilding. The army, and an army of volunteers has built a large "sub-division" of housing for the locals. Tourism in Thailand is actually up year over year. I'm currently in Samui on the east coast of Thailand and the island is busy, despite the fact it is low season.

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