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Old 09-16-2007, 11:28 AM   #1
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Plane crashes in Phuket Thailand

A plane has crashed while trying to land in bad weather at the Thai resort of Phuket, an aviation official says.

The plane, carrying 123 passengers, a number of them foreigners plus 7 crew, crashed after hitting the runway heavily in strong winds and heavy rain.

Aviation official Chiasak Angkauwan said the number of casualties was not clear but fatalities were feared. Early figures have 111 dead. 19 to hospital

Flight OG 269 ?, operated by budget airline One-Two-Go, was landing after a journey from the capital, Bangkok.

Rescue operations are under way at the airport. Rescuers said the plane caught fire after crashing.

Mr Chiasak said: "The airplane asked to land but due to the weather in Phuket - strong wind and heavy rain - maybe the pilot did not see the runway clearly.

"The plane then fell onto the runway and broke into two."

One-Two-Go is owned by Orient Thai Airways.

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The Update Provided by the Article in www.scandasia.com. Plus the official manifest from

the airline and information provided by Phuket hospitals


Check the Swedish Newspaper online for information on

of the passengers taken to Bangkokphuket Hospital at www.scandasia.com

(for a list of all nationalities)

Deputy Phuket Governor Worapot Rattasima said a total of 74 bodies found at the crash site, 14 still missing and 42 survived.

Updated list of injured passengers in Phuket as following:

Bangkok-Phuket Hospital

1.Mr Gilles Thibud - France

2.Mr Lamere Maurice, 23 - France

3.Mr Inntrn Burket, 23 - Ireland

Vachira Phuket Hospital

1. Sawitree Dani

2. Bare Bercom

3. Apichart Bata

Siriroj - Phuket Hospital

1. Likhit Liengpansakul - ICU

2. Parinwit Choosaeng - ICU

3. Chainarong maharae - ICU

4. Apichart Pata

5. Eric Nihlen (Sweden)

6. Christopher Marken (Sweden)

7. Nong Kaonual

8. Ladda Kaonual

9. Pratin Lienchamroon

10. Sara (unknown surname) (Netherland)

16.09.07 20.32

Bangkok-Phuket Hospital is now treating 30 injured passengers from One-Two-Go plane crash incident. Seven Thais and Twenty-three foreigners: Five are severely injured, three severely burnt and two with broken bones. There are 24 men, six women and 28 of them has to be hospitalized.

Foreigners injured in Bangkok-Phuket Hospital divided by nationalities are British(8), German(4), Irish(3), Iran(3), Austrian(1), Australian(1) and Italian(1). According to Bangkok-Phuket Hospital the first injured passenger arrived the hospital at 16.41.

Tables below are details of injured passengers at Bangkok-Phuket Hospital.

Bangkok Phuket Hospital 7:51:47 PM

HN No Name Gender Age Nation

17:49 05-00-011951 BORLAND ROBERT MR. Male 48 AUSTRALIAN (ออสเตรเลีย) -ออสเตรเลีย Superficial injury of head

17:03 05-00-012498 วิชชุพล สิงหะพล นาย Male 25 THAI Superficial injury of head

17:51 05-07-020517 JOHN GERARD O'DONNELL MR. Male 50 IRISH (สาธารณรัฐไอร์แลนด์) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

16:58 05-07-022513 ไพบูลย์ ผาพันธ์ นาย Male 39 THAI Superficial injury of head

17:00 05-07-022514 CHRISTOPH FALCHETTI MR. Male 36 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) - ยุโรป Sprain and strain of joints and ligaments of other and unspecified parts of neck

17:01 05-07-022515 MILDRED ANNE FURLONG MS. Female 23 CANADIAN (แคนาดา) -อเมริกาเหนือ Muscle strain

17:02 05-07-022516 MARCEL SQUINOBAL MR. Male 37 AUSTRIAN (ออสเตรีย) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:20 05-07-022517 BENJAMIN ZACHARY GREEN MR. Male 24 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:07 05-07-022518 PETER JAMES HILL MR. Male 35 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:08 05-07-022519 CLAUS BENJAMIN VOIGTMANN MR. Male 24 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) - ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:10 05-07-022520 CLEMENS ROTHMANN MR. Male 27 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) - ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:11 05-07-022521 ASHLEY SCOTT HARROW MR. Male 27 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:14 05-07-022522 CLAUDIA ROTHMANN MISS. Female 25 GERMAN (เยอรมัน) - ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:17 05-07-022523 MARYAU MIRTAHERI MRS. Female 34 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง

17:18 05-07-022524 MAHSA FATOORECHI MRS. Female 39 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Fracture of rib

17:20 05-07-022525 MENRDHU KIYANI MISS. Female 6 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง

17:22 05-07-022526 CLAUS BENJAMIN VOIGTMANN MR. Male 24 DUTCH (เนเธอร์แลนด์) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:25 05-07-022527 RED2 (ชาวต่างชาติ) MS. Female 30 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป

17:29 05-07-022528 HASHEM PARVIZ MR. Male 40 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง Superficial injury of head

17:31 05-07-022529 HASHAM MADIA MISS. Female 5 IRANIAN (อิหร่าน) -ตะวันออกกลาง Open wound of eyelid and periocular area with or without involvement of lacrimal passages

17:36 05-07-022530 MOVAHED ABBAS KIYANI MR. Male 37 ITALIAN (อิตาลี) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

17:40 05-07-022531 CHRISTOPHER COOLEY MR. Male 23 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป

17:41 05-07-022532 RED6 (ชาวไทย) นางสาว Female 22 THAI

17:43 05-07-022533 ปรวิทย์ มหาทรัพย์ นาย Male 41 THAI Superficial injury of head

17:56 05-07-022534 WILLIAM BURKE MR. Male 23 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

18:02 05-07-022535 RED7 (ชาวต่างชาติ) MR. Male 30 BRITISH (อังกฤษ) -ยุโรป

18:24 05-07-022536 VLADIMIR FREYLIKHMAN MR. Male 29 IRISH (สาธารณรัฐไอร์แลนด์) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

18:26 05-07-022537 ISABELLA FREYLIKHMAN MS. Female 28 IRISH (สาธารณรัฐไอร์แลนด์) -ยุโรป Superficial injury of head

19:47 05-07-022538 อรศิลป์ แสงบุญเรือง นางสาว Female 27 THAI

17:18 05-96-012758 เชาวเลิศ จิตต์จำนงค์ นาย Male 48 THAI Superficial injury of head

17:05 05-96-015825 ชาตรี สุขสวัสดิ์ นาย Male 26 THAI Superficial injury of head

16:54 05-99-002389 ชวิศ จิตต์จำนงค์ เด็กชาย Male 11 THAI Superficial injury of head

16.09.07 19.30

Thai domestic airliner One Two Go flight OG 269 from Bangkok to Phuket exploded and broke in two after it slid off the runway and crashed into nearby walls at Phuket airport on Sunday afternoon. Swedish Christopher Marken and Erik Nihlen was sent to Siriroj Hospital with minor injuries. They are now at Swedish Consulate in Phuket.

The death toll now is confirmed at about 60, most of them are foreigners. There were 44 Thais on the plane and 76 foreigners. About 40 injured passengers were sent to Bangkok-Phuket Hospital, Talang Hospital, Wachira Phuket Hospital and Siriroj Hospital. The nationalities of those onboard is also unknown, but Phuket is a highly popular destination for overseas tourists.

Civil aviation official Chiasak Angkauwan said, "the airplane asked to land but due to the weather in Phuket strong wind and heavy rain maybe the pilot did not see the runway clearly."

The airliner services Bangkok-Phuket flights six times a week. The ill-fated airline left Don Muang airport at about 2.30pm. Information now coming in said the plane, which was being used by local budget travel company, One-to-Go Airline, had 123 passengers and five crew.

Eye-witnesses said the impact of the crash caused the plane to break in two and they heard a series of explosions.

Rescue teams and navy personnel were involved in the rescue operation. All flights in and out of the Phuket airport have been cancelled.

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Satellite picture 16/17th Sept of S.E. Asia

Click image for larger version

Name:	17th_Sept_WX.jpg
Views:	25
Size:	98.7 KB
ID:	201

showing dense cloud formations - squally conditions.
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Old 09-18-2007, 05:44 AM   #4
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EXTRACT from Phuket Gazette Tuesday 18th Sept 07

PHUKET: Of the 130 passengers and crew aboard One-Two-Go flight OG269 that crash landed at Phuket International Airport about 3:45 pm today, only 42 survived the crash and fire that followed it. Of these, 15 were Thai nationals.

At a press conference at the Airports Of Thailand office about 9 pm, Phuket Airport Director Sq Ldr Pornchai Eua-aree said the crash was the result of a “mis-approach” landing, after which the pilot tried to regain enough speed to take off again – but failed.

Most of the survivors were either thrown from the fuselage when the plane crashed into a berm alongside the taxiway or managed to escape before the intense fire that followed, he said.

All 42 survivors were rushed to hospital. Thirty were sent to Bangkok Phuket Hospital, 10 to Phuket International Hospital and two to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Five escaped with minor injuries that did not require treatment.

Phuket International Hospital has released the names of three foreign survivors: Swedes Christopher Marken and Eric Nihlen; Dutchwoman Sarah Marie Whittington.

Bangkok Phuket Hospital has reported three survivors as requiring intensive care treatment, while Phuket International Hospital has two survivors in its ICU ward.

Two of the seven crew members aboard the the McDonnell Douglas MD82 aircraft survived. They were identified as cabin crew members Orasin Saengboonruang and Apichit Batha.

Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed.

The bodies that rescue workers have recovered are being kept in a makeshift morgue in an airport hanger.

Udom Thantprasongchai, Managing Director of Orient Thai, which operates the low-cost One-Two-Go service, is expected to arrive in Phuket soon from Krabi.

He will be accompanied by Ministry of Interior Permanent Secretary and former Phuket Governor Pongpayome Vasaputi and Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Nongchooam.

Passengers seeking information from the airline can contact the One-Two-Go hotline at 1126 or dial 076-351144 or 076-351166.
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