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Old 08-24-2010, 07:03 PM   #1
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Hello all,

How did cruising differ for you from expectations before you starting boating to hawaii or the caribbean and the world and the actual experience.

I do not thing there can be much negative things about cruising, but if you could mention as well:

What was the biggest unexpected thing.

Things you did'nt, could'nt plan for.

Maybe if you could mention some popular misconceptions.

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Old 08-25-2010, 07:18 PM   #2
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This is a topic that can be looked at from many perspectives!

- Expectations and actual experience concerning your boat and equipment?

- Expectations and experience concerning the actual planning of time?

- or experiences and expectations concerning the visited countries and different cultures?

And just naming some misconceptions is just half of the answer - the other half is, what can be done, to keep them to a minimum.

About the boat and equipment:

Here can be hidden some big unexpected things: Failure of major gear! A serious breakdown of the engine on a remote pacific island for example! Spare parts need weeks to arrive and maybe you need a professional shop for repair... *That can throw you off the time shedule and can change your financial situation instantly. *

Maybe the boat itself! Cruising and living aboard a boat you did not know (or do not own long enough)* before, might be good for some unexpected experiences: too small, too slow, too expencive, too much mainenance work,not nice in nasty weather,... *

Thinking realistically about your boat and having some experience with it and its gear before you go cruising will help to mimimize unexpected situations. *At least you know the risks that might change your plans and take them into account: With an 20 year old old engine we knew the risk and therefore avoided sailing (and motoring) in too remote areas, and we were rather hopping from place to place with authorized enginge shops and reserved some moneay for the worts case (which luckily did not happen!).

About the time schedule:

It happens easily that you run out of time. I think that happens to all uf us. It doesn't has to be failure of gear, a period of bad weather, severe calms (we avoid motoring) or headwind throws you off the schedule easily. And if you can not cruise with an open end, it us a serios topic. One time we started out to do the traditional North Atlantic circle Europeans like to do in a year (which is a tight schedule) and ended up with many weeks of light- or headwinds on the portuguese coast and finally gave up and wintered in southern Spain before returning home. * *So, nothing left from the initial planning!

About other countries and different cultures:

The original planning after reading the guides and listening to the experience of other cruising folks is one thing. The own experience makes you change your plans sooner or later. *We did not meet any cruising people that were following an initial plan to the exact day or were working down a list of places (except for crew change or flights they had to catch somewhere). *We know people who stayed longer, or months or even years longer, or who stopped cruising , bought property and sold their boat there! *

So unexpected things *concerning cruising do not necessarily have a negative connotation.*

So you are right, there can be not much negative about cruising, if you take unexpected things into account when planning your cruising and if you try to avoid the most common misconception of "too little time for too far destinations"


SY Aquaria

If you have the time, you alwas have the right winds.

More on my Centurion 32:
I've Contributed to the Cruisers Wiki: Germany, Background, Cruising/Sailing the German Bight
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Old 08-26-2010, 05:10 AM   #3
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Meeting the real cruising community revealed a different group of humanity. Friendly, would help strangers withgout a reason. Very few negative impressions.

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Old 08-26-2010, 09:14 AM   #4
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Click image for larger version

Name:	Peacock.JPG
Views:	2
Size:	3.45 MB
ID:	1461As a 'geri-hat-trick - I'd like to add my bit. 70, male, land-stuck - but going back to sea asap, pronto. I've noticed, especially in these 'forums'; An open willingness to share, a lack of negative criticism, an open honesty - that is not usually displayed in other endeavours - genuinely offered FOC (free of charge) as with yachties & especially 'cruising yachties' even those with 'motors (ha ha U-2 'J/P') - (don't shoot the messenger - I was only joking). I observe that MMNETSEA (Richard) has, does & will continue to do - - given more people a 'leg-up' than any of us could count. Whilst Richard & Co. are VERY SPECIAL there are 100's if not 1000's of others out-there & in these 'forums' that do the very same thing. Richard omits the mention - that all these 'offers & actual' both written & actual dead's of help come at no direct cost - just with the understanding that - each & everyone of us - - MUST - 'pass-it-on' to someone, somewhere, somehow, sometime. I believe it's called 'One in - - all in'. We all know, the the whole chain (anchor or the 1 around your neck, that you probably put there yourself) is only as strong as the weakest link. Not many (if any) weak links in these 'forums'. That's something to be VERY proud of considering we have almost 13,000 members & many 'visitors'. So, 'do-join-us' or 'do-drop-in' (& join as 'full-members' ie - do be an active contributor - Please do) all you visitors as this is a 'life changing' experience & place to hang-your-hat even on a bad day & even for 'polies'. (previous joke). P;ease don't fall into the category of 'a passive sponge'. Everything to gain & nothing to loose !!! That's what 'we all' offer'. For free!!!

You see, everyone out there - how good they (moderators & others) really are!!!, eg, read on: THANK-YOU FOR 'CHANGING MY DIAPER' & I'm now officially 'Silver Raven' & they did that for a - land-bound, fossile, 70, male that they don't really know from 'poop on the fore-deck'. So you can see this IS THE place to be. I've lived, worked, played & many other things (never to be admitted in public or even private) on the water/waterfront (in 3 countries) for 64 years now & without doubt THIS group of people are - THE BEST OF THE BEST. They do, can, will help you - help yourself to FIX-IT regardless of how seemingly 'impossible' it may seem to be & most invaluably - show you how to 'fix-it' in the future. No better lesson can we all learn. I can't ever express my unconditional admiration, respect & thanks to you all. Please read a new article that I will write called 'Outside ones comfort zone' & this is not a 'paid political announcement', just a plug for everyone to read just how 'great you all are' article that I'll write in the next few days.

A big thanks needs to go to 'bkgs' & 'Aquaria' for raising the subject & providing some real great response & I hope everyone else joins in.

'bkgs' mentions - "Things you didn't, couldn't plan for". My serious suggestion is: Read all (each & every article & page of all of these 'forums' for they DO contain very valuable information the WILL save you much heartache, 'anxt'. , worry, 1000's of dollars & most likely 'save your life'. So to each & every one of us & especially 'new comers' - read, read, read, read & learn, learn & take notes - the one little thing you remembered 'in the back of your head' WILL save-your-butt one day, sure as eggs!! Oh & - great sailing/motorin' - to you all !! Would you all believe that some-of-us don't have a mast,sail,spinnaker, wow !!! Ha Ha U-2 & thanks so much for all your wise words & wisdom, much appreciated.Click image for larger version

Name:	Peacock.JPG
Views:	2
Size:	3.45 MB
ID:	1461

Enough of me for now. Ciao all from down-under & don't forget to fill in 'all' your details so we all know to whom we are talking to. Now proudly 'Silver Raven' aka jj-geri-hat-trick.

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Old 08-26-2010, 11:36 PM   #5
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My experience is with 'stuff.'

I find that the list of items I actually use differs from the list I expect to use. Mostly, I find huge numbers of items I don't use at all and a few I use all the time. I find myself throwing things overboard eventually and I seldom regret it.

Basic tools, crucial parts, basic cooking stuff, a good med kit, and things to keep me warm and dry are the most important.

Sometimes digging in a locker I find something that seemed like a good idea a couple years ago but that has never been opened. OVERBOARD.
I've Contributed to the Cruisers Wiki: San Diego
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Old 08-27-2010, 04:09 PM   #6
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I think something I wanted to touch is on is how the boat sails in different conditions. I understand this particular to the particular boat, experience with the boat. As mentioned in the discussion.

I think I have to just go about and start cruising.
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Old 08-28-2010, 11:23 AM   #7
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Originally Posted by bkgs View Post

I think something I wanted to touch is on is how the boat sails in different conditions. I understand this particular to the particular boat, experience with the boat. As mentioned in the discussion.
Hi there, 'bkgs' Yes you're correct. Best to - just start & get-along at 'getting into it' full on! but with caution - of course. Now lets see if I can remember - which end of the boat is pointed (both in some cases) & the front-bit & see if the 'front-sail' is O.K. & all the 'piston-hanks' are free and will open & close - every-time & the 'back-sail' has the battens & put in & the right way round (I've noticed that some I've come across have been put-in backwards - - which doesn't let the 'leach' of the sail set - at all well & the - 'luff' track-slides are in good order & will slide up & down - - especially down - in case of emergency. Applying equally to monohulls & multihulls of most sizes between 12' & 70' (& bigger which most of us can't afford) is the setting (tuning) of the sails which applys equally to cruising as well as racing (oh do wash my mouth out with soap -Gramma's-lie-sol'). Most sails - the front one (ones) & the back one (ones) at above 8 kts of breeze - get enough wind coming into the sails(s) and are far to tightly rigged for the wind to 'get-out of the sail - - Slowing the boat down, making for more tipping moment. an uncomfortable ride & much longer to get to ones destination.. Boats traveling 'to-slow' may become a tad-bit dangerous, so keep the boat moving with an eye to efficiency. Thus - the stronger the wind and the bigger the swell - - the farther out-board both jib & main could be set. Also think seriously about moving the jib-sheet - farther back in order to open-up the leach ( called - opening-the-slot - in some quarters).. Not so loose that it 'flaps' in the breeze but not so tight that it curls around inwards thus stopping the clean exhaust of the air coming into the sail & the same principle with the main. Leach 'tell-tails' (or woolies for those of us who had to make our own - many years ago / & I still do) are a great assistance to be able to see the exhaust angle of the wind at the leach of ALL sails, even including spinnakeers, gennekars & 'Code-0'. They also work exceptionally well just back from the luff / provided they are the right length & in the right position (see articles in an old copies of 'Rudders'

Sailing Mag that some guy wrote 25 or 30 years ago. Nothing I have seen since has explained - 'tell-tails' any better or if as well. I repeat this IS NOT just about 'racing' however it is about 'sailing as well as one can & winding the boat up 'into top gear' where is where we would all like to sail & be able to do it with ease & without having to spend a $mil on electronics. HENCE the very old & true saying - "When in doubt - let it out" & 'shorten' sail before not after - as by the time most sailors shorten sail (reef) you'll think & wish you had done it sooner. Sail section (cord) -might be- considered in 3 sections - wind-speed wise; 0 to 5 kts (all speeds mentioned are across the deck), 6 to 14/18 kts (depending on the boat) and 19 kts & up. 0 to 5 - the flatter the sail the less the restriction to the wind escaping out the back of the sail. 6 to 10/12 kts a fuller sail might be the go with the drive moved froward rather than aft. & overlapping - 10 to 18 kts - one might try to start flattening the sail (less draft). This can be adjusted with the - jib down-haul (cunningham eye - if fitted) or the halyard tension or both. Also the jib-sheet might be moved forward in light airs & backward in stronger breezes as well as - inboard in light breezes & outboard in strong breezes & big/confused seas. With the main the same with the addition of the use of the 'adjustable back-stay' if one is fitted. Like - 'tel-tails' - sail tuning (yes all - even for cruising) are subjects that many articles & books have been written about & at that we've only touched the surface of the subject. I might try to find some of my old articles on these subjects but I think - like all my old sailing books - I've thrown them in the bin. Those articles came with some drawings & measurements so everyone could do it for themselves. Boy I'm going to get in 'trouble-here' I'm almost sure. EVEN for cruising - with the exception of - - not in crowded waterways &/or when anchoring regularly - - consider moving all that weight (anchor(s) chair & warp) back toward the mast & if possible stow down-below near the base of the mast. Pendulum weight effect is the 'killer of' efficient movement action through the waves regardless of what boat or what activity, - - in my opinion only. In general - the flatter the boat is sailed the more efficient it performs & the more enjoyable the experience & fun everybody has. (& aside from that - the less drinks you spill - soft drink is unpleasantly sticky on the seats & deck area I recall someone telling me) ha ha. What with all the knowledgeable people in 'forums' I'm sure you can get lots & lots more assistance. So just 'float' the subject. Ciao, from down-under, james
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